There’s a simple answer.  We don’t subscribe to a one size fits all strategy.  Not all seller goals are the same.  We create a custom and aggressive marketing strategy specifically designed to accomplish each seller’s individual goals.

Here’s how we differ from than any other real estate agency…

  1. First, we listen to your goals for selling.  We don’t just stick a sign in the yard…
    It’s not enough to sell your home; you have to get what you want out of the sale. Do you need to sell right away, or do you have time to wait for the right buyer offering the highest price? Are you able to make some improvements, or do you need to sell the home as-is? The answers to questions like these will guide our strategy, and we’ll choose a course of action aligned with your goals.

  3. We hire a professional designer to maximize your home’s value at no cost to you…
    We bring in an impartial professional designer to create a list of options that can significantly increase the-value of your home and decrease the time your home spends on the market. Your designer will make recommendations for the best ways to show off the space, using interior design techniques to create a memorable first impression, make areas seem more open, and allow buyers see themselves in the home.

  5. We formulate a specific plan together in order to get your home ready for sale. Together, we’ll review the stager’s recommendations and align them with your goals, choosing only the items that provide the largest return on your time and money. If outside help is needed, we’ll provide you with a list of recommended vendors, or you can choose your own. Once your house is ready for viewing, we’ll begin the process of bringing customers to your door.

  7. Not all marketing plans are the same.  We don’t subscribe to one size fits all strategy.We create a custom marketing plan tailored to your home and goals for selling… Your goals will determine how we price and market your home. Together, we’ll determine list price and craft a customized marketing strategy that includes unique messaging about your home to attract attention from the most relevant buyers.We go beyond the traditional marketing materials (sign, professional photos, virtual tour, flyers, brochures, etc…).We also provide a featured position on along with multiple internet websites, custom sellers book, just listed cards to neighbors, open houses and property tours.  Depending on your goals, a wide variety of additional options can be employed including coming soon/pre-mls marketing, targeted email marketing campaigns, one-to-one networking with Wesltake agents & buyers, special open house events (think: party with a purpose), home tours with small groups of agents from specific brokers and much more.

  9. After we list your home, we don’t just walk away.  We provide critical feedback along the way until we get your home sold.  The information we receive from agents and buyers is invaluable. We’ll take this feedback and, if needed, make additional alterations to the home or our marketing strategy to ensure that your home sells at the best possible price in the smallest amount of time.

  11. Last, we get results.   Hear what our seller clients say…

“If you are looking for a top notch real estate agent in the Austin area, I highly recommend Andrea. Because I live in California, Andrea handled the entire process from getting the house prepped/staged, having photos done and handling the open house – all the while working with my tenant. Andrea knows the Austin market very well and helped determine a reasonable list price and recommended only the necessary improvements prior to putting my home on the market. The outcome?  My house sold in 36 hours very close to the asking price. Awesome!”

Jeff Michaud


“I can confidently recommend Andrea Harlan as a real estate agent: she recently sold my house in 7 days. I interviewed three agents before making a decision, and Andrea by far presented the best marketing plan. Thanks to Andrea’s aggressive marketing techniques and thorough knowledge of the Austin real estate market, not only did she sell my house in a week, but she also sold it for more than the other two agents proposed as their high end! From help with staging and finding the right contractors for minor repairs before the sale, to ensuring that every detail was thoroughly covered before the closing, Andrea was on top of everything and made what is a stressful time for most, a breeze for me. She was extremely efficient and a pleasure to work with through the sale of one house, and purchase of a new one. If you’re considering selling your home and want to do it quickly and also get top dollar, I highly suggest that you hire Andrea. She did an outstanding job and I will definitely work with her in the future!”

David Rabalais


“Andrea was a great agent. She explained all my options and worked very hard to sell my house. She suggested many ways to make my house move quicker. She held open houses, without me having to push. She successfully worked with a difficult buyer, who complained about everything and tried to drive down the price. In a slow market, I was able to get what I wanted. She always had a smile on her face and was truthful. Andrea was a major reason that the sale happened so quickly and profitably.”

Eric Corzine


“Andrea was recommended to me by one of her business colleagues. I needed to sell my house and I have never regretted signing on with Andrea. She used a professional to take photos of my home both interior and exterior. The photos were fabulous and ensured an abundance of traffic through the house. Andrea was great – she kept in touch and offered invaluable advice. I couldn’t ask for a better experience or professional! I recommend her services hands down.”

Catherine Karr


“I previously worked with Andrea in high tech, and when I heard that she was a real estate agent, I knew she was the person to help us through the selling and buying process. Andrea was very knowledgeable of this time-sensitive process and helped us navigate through it. First she helped us stage the house we were selling and brought in a professional photographer who took wonderful photos of our home. She also helped us identify the appropriate selling price based on neighborhood market statistics. Within 3 weeks we had a buyer. Although the closing process took a lot longer than usual, thanks to new federal load regulations, she was there to assure us and guide us through the final close of the house. She continued to be valuable in helping us enter into the buying/building process of a new house and provided a great reference for an inspector who found important defects that the builder was able to fix prior to closing. All in all I would definitely recommend Andrea to anyone in the home buying/selling process as you will gain a great agent, friend and someone who will look out for you.”

-Christina Silva