Pets Make Friends at The Firehouse in Westlake

Austinites love good music, good food and good friends — especially the four-legged kind. Our pets are important members of the family, and they need a vet that’s as skilled and dedicated as any doctor we would choose for ourselves. So if your feline comes down with the flu or your canine needs a checkup, it’s time for you to visit the team at Firehouse Animal Health Center.


Located in Davenport Village just south of the 360 Bridge, Firehouse offers services that cover every aspect of animal care and treatment, from diagnosis to surgery to post-treatment care. Their full surgical center is complemented by their own radiology facilities, diagnostic laboratory and pharmacy, allowing them to deal with almost any situation entirely on site.

Firehouse doesn’t just take care of problems; their team of veterinarians and technicians works with owners to improve and maintain health over the long term. It begins with a comprehensive approach that includes educating owners to help them watch for potential problems. Dr. John Faught, DVM and medical director of Firehouse, begins with collaboration. “Our approach is proactive. We want owners to understand the best ways to care for their pets, but we also want them to understand the role a veterinarian plays, and how we can work together to prevent illness.”

Firehouse also works with other Westlake pet-centric businesses to keep your pets looking good and feeling great. They’ve developed strong relationships with local trainers, groomers, and boarding facilities, and can help you find the best person to deal with behavioral issues or the challenge of keeping your pets clean. Dr. Faught sees this as a central part of his mission. “We want to be a resource for owners. We don’t just want to help cure illness; we want to improve quality of life. We’ve found that when owners are informed and empowered, they can prevent problems of all kinds before they turn into serious conditions. Even something as simple as learning a few commands can save a pet’s life.”

Every new patient is given a complete tour of the Firehouse facilities; it’s an important first step in creating the right frame of mind for both owner and animal. “We do a hundred little things to create the best possible outcome,” says Faught. “From the simple things like serving Austin Java coffee in the lobby to the sometimes complex and emotional process of thoroughly communicating what everyone should expect during a surgical procedure, we’ve found that if we pay attention to the full experience of patients and owners, we can reduce stress and build the kinds of relationships that benefit everyone.”

I recently stopped by the Firehouse facilities for a tour, and I was extremely impressed. We’re very lucky to have a great team like this in Westlake, and I encourage you and your favorite furry friend to stop by and meet Dr. Faught. You can also catch him on KXAN during the “Ask the Vet” segment each Wednesday at 12:20 pm. Past episodes can be found on the Firehouse YouTube channel.

Firehouse Animal Health Center
3801 N. Capitol of Texas Highway, Suite F-100
Austin, TX 78746
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