Westlake Restaurants – A variety of flavors to suit any taste

We all tend to frequent our favorite eateries, but the variety of Westlake restaurants give us a good reason to explore beyond our regular dining spots.

In Westlake you’ll find restaurants at all levels – from familiar diner to upscale elegance. And you’ll find all types of cuisine – from down-home barbeque to exotic ethnic flavors.

Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite spots, with links to more information.

Westlake restaurants – The Grove




Of special mention is the Midway Food Park, which is a food truck park in South Austin where you can explore and satisfy many different cravings. It’s incredibly family-friendly and a great choice for picking up food to-go or just enjoying a meal outside at the picnic tables.

If these options don’t catch your fancy, make sure to check out the full list of Westlake restaurants on Urbanspoon and on Yelp!